I was sitting here trying to come up with a title for this post when my better half (he’s still working on his “blog code name” since he does not want to be referred to as DH) says with complete deadpan delivery “I thought you already had a title. Were you just not hoppy with it?”

The Easter Bunny and Jesus delivered a heaping dose of more snow overnight (it could have been one and not the other, but in our house it is believed they work in conjunction). As you might imagine, this poses some challenges for the whole egg hunt thing on account of how the kids are pretty keen observers of the remarkable reaction between snow and heavy soled boots, and at least one of them is of the opinion neither rabbits nor Jesus wears snow boots. (Pause for impact.) So, the clever Hase snuck in our window and hid eggs all over the house. The kids have been crawling under the furniture the entire day.

As with the past few holidays I turned to my trusty sidekick Pinterest (pronounced with the Frenchest accent) for a little something I could make for the munchkins. One day far in the future, I imagine them collecting all their bizarre felt creations together and thinking fondly of their dear sweet mummy, despite her janky sewing skills, and softly singing one of the highly imaginative ditties I’ve written about cats. Thanks to the enviable Merrilee at mermag for the template for these:

Bunny Bags from Mermag Template

The treats inside came from Chocolate Company. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve never had hot chocolate until you’ve had it with one of their HotChocSpoons. Adorable wooden spoons. Valrhona Chocolate. About a hundred different versions, including ones with liqueur (which of course are NOT the ones I included in the bunny bags). I picked one Sweet Downie, which has the bonus of part of the proceeds going to the Upside van Down Foundation, and one Just for Kids with little chocolate Smarties on top. Somehow a jar of Ivoire Chocspread also made its way to us (and mostly I mean me). That stuff deserves a whole post. On another day. I will eat some more of it now.

tortapasq For brunch I made Torta Pasqualina, inspired by, but not exactly like, the one over at Citrus & Candy a few years ago.

tortapasq1 Most Sundays I make a Frittata for brunch, but I do like to throw in a Torta or Quiche every now and again. Because the anticipation of whether a buttery crust will appear on the table keeps everyone on their toes.  Anywho, the secret of this guy is in the ricotta. If you make it, buy the best fresh ricotta you can find.  And wear a silk scarf in your hair. Really, that last detail is pretty key.

I clearly should’ve taken the photos without the tart pan, but everyone was so hungry I didn’t even properly plate it. We make compromises in our house. Because we are real people. Real hungry people. We did say the blessing before digging in, so, we’re good there. We’ll give Spring another chance to show up tomorrow.

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