One of my siblings swears we will write a book together one day. It would probably be mostly comprised of our gTalk chats, which often occur late at night on account of the time difference. All modesty aside, this format brings out our innate hilarity. While I kind of doubt whether Wogrun (this is the “blog code name” said sibling selected despite my urging that Bobo or Richard Weiner was far better. Wogrun is apparently some kind of mash-up of Walk-Jog-Run, which is what said sibling does in an meager effort to become as swift and sleek a runner as I am, even in my off season) will come through with co-writing an entire book, I did at one point think of sending some excerpts to Jenny Lawson to see if they were actually funny to someone else. Then I hopped on her blog to get her eMail and got totally distracted by her collection of animal heads which made me think of that line in Thrift Shop about “rocking a wolf on your noggin.” Naturally I had to queue up the video then, which is pretty much a signal in our house for DANCE PARTY! Anywho, she probably receives 37 bajillion messages like that a day. Perhaps one day I’ll meet that genius woman and she’ll say “oh hey, I need a new agent because the old one’s office smells like feet and stinky cheese or stinky cheese feet,” and I’ll say “you’re in luck, because I just decided to become an agent, a secret agent that is.” My imagined vs real conversations ratio hovers around 4:1.

Chat Transcript So, I was expecting something really outlandish from Wogrun for April Fools’ Day, especially since we don’t have that holiday in Deutschland. The closest celebration is the whole pin-the-Pesce-on-the-back thing in Italy.  I’m not sure whether to feel let down or wholly delighted. You can make your own call, and feel free to post your take in the comments.

Hähähä (that’s German for ‘maniacal laugh’) Wogrun, you better get started writing Chapter 1. Happy April Fools’ Day!

PS. Hey Wogrun, could you please take a photo of the awesome fleece rooster hat I made you because I might want to write a tutorial for it soon. Only in the tutorial I’ll make a point to express the importance of putting the comb on the right direction so as to not make the wearer look like a doofus. Not that you look like a doofus when you wear it. Because you don’t and you should definitely keep wearing it. That is what a true fan and loyal sibling would do.

A penny for your thoughts. Literally, I will donate a penny for every (non-SPAM) comment.

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