You know you’ve reached a respectable age when you have multiple items stored in that “where were you when [insert historical event] happened” mental file. This week marked another addition to mine, and millions of others, with the death of one of the most storied leaders of modern times. So, where was I when I heard the news? I was looking about in Oliver’s Wholefood Store and walked out to a blonde woman shoving a large microphone in my face whilst urging her cameraman to get a close up. Since my gut reaction to her question “How do you feel about Maggie Thatcher dying” would have made me look like some doofus expat tourist, I declined to go on record for her program. Truthfully, prior to this week I had no strong feeling about the former PM of GB, given I was a kid in America in the 80s, with much more knowledge about the total upset of our beloved Bears by the 49ers than striking coal miners.

Being of a respectable age though, I do use these moments to brush up on history and (re)educate myself in my effort to become a proper citizen of the world. I was sidetracked in my quest for historical facts by this little tidbit: the number one iTunes download in the UK this week is this (ok, so really just the part starting at 2:00, but I do love those munchkins):

Aside from the detour of watching the 6 minute clip and reading the profane comments on basically every single Wicked Witch video in existence on the whole interwebs, I couldn’t help but imagine some fantastic West Side Story style showdown with everyone carrying giant John Cusack boomboxes and one side blasting Ding Dong while the other side fires back with this: Then they break into some sweet dance sequence like in those new Windows Surface Tablet adverts.

Sadly, the diverging viewpoints about a figure long gone from power led to childish name-calling, violence and unnecessary destruction of public property. I have a strong urge to revert to my aforementioned gut reaction and say “move the **** on people. Dwell on the past or create your own future.” Then I moonwalk away.

Anywho, OIiver’s is a great little independent health food store on the edge of London. If you’d rather avoid the fray of politics, pop in there, pick up a bag of Cofresh Chili Lemon Lentil Chips (seriously so, so so  yummy I ate two bags in 30 minutes) and a Dr. Martin’s Coco Juice, head over to the Princess of Wales Conservatory at Kew Gardens to check out the surreal Jade Vine flowers, and take a deep breath or ten.

A penny for your thoughts. Literally, I will donate a penny for every (non-SPAM) comment.

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