Hey parents, Tagesmutters, and preschool teachers! Are your kids constantly coercing you   graciously allowing you to color with them? Are you bored with marking up ponies and magical heart princesses? Well, have I got a treat for you!

Thanks to a tip from the übercool Frankie Magazine, I am about to be the proud owner of the hippest colouring books since Rainbow Brite and GoBots collaborated. Probably Clearly I’m going to pass them off as a gift for the munchkins so as not to make anyone think I actually just sit around and colour all day do the right thing as a super-loving and au courant parent and share them with the munchkins. I’ve always thought Megan Mullally was fab since her Will & Grace days, but when I learned she was married to the prodigious Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson), well her status was elevated to Superwoman. I mean, the guy makes furniture with his hands.

jonhamm ronswanmo







In any case, TeamArt‘s shop on etsy is further proof Canadians are top-notch people (almost in the same class as the following fine Midwestern folks). So, if you’re looking to add your artistic flair to Ron Swanson’s Mo or satisfy your obsession with Jon Hamm (mmmmm), get thee to the etsy site and grab up some of these Awesometown books. Also, there’s some with wildlife and dogs. You know, in case you need to pretend like you ordered only for the kids and the sweet seller included those others for free or something.

P.S. If you don’t click on the link for Offerman Woodshop and check out their section called Beefcake, you are missing out. BIG TIME! 

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