Jam-packed June is coming to a close, and with it, all the procrastinating and excuses of bad weather that have kept me from getting in any solo runs this year. Today was the day! It wasn’t pretty, but I finished and I’m still standing.


As it turns out, all I needed was some good motivation, a race date to be exact. When I found out the largest road race in the Netherlands was celebrating its 30th year, I signed my brother up straight away (happy birthday bro). Then I thought I should maybe join him on the trail.

run1in2013graph So, come November, I will almost fulfill (shy of a couple kilometers) the commitment I made a few years ago to run the other half of the marathon I started when I ran a half marathon to celebrate my 30th.  The Dutch might not be promising a stellar wine tasting at the end of the race, but I hear the scenery is pretty rewarding nonetheless, and hopefully I’ll head over to Amsterdam after for a couple days of recovery. Think five months is enough to get me in shape? I’ll be ready. Ready Freddie. Ready for this thing called run.

One Thought on “Hit the Ground Running. Just Don’t Hit the Ground, Running.

  1. Bro on 8 July, 2013 at 16:44 said:

    Super stoked!

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