Quinoa Sushi


There are many reasons why sushi and summer just go together, not the least of which is that no oven is involved, you can prep it relatively quickly, and all the veggies available mean almost limitless options for filling. Inspired by Turntable Kitchen‘s Quinoa Sushi, I rolled up some combos reminiscent of summer nights in Santa Cruz singing Karaoke, sipping sake and scarfing sushi at Mobo or I Love Sushi.

makinsushi Just in case you’re wary of trying make-at-home-sushi, let me assure you it’s seriously so easy you could do it with two kids attached to your legs. Here are my fave sure-to-please raw-fish-free ideas with ingredients you can get just about anywhere:

  1. Cucumber, carrot & radish
  2. Avocado & cucumber
  3. Avocado, goat cheese, spicy cashews
  4. Fried sweet potato & chili mayo
  5. Roasted beet & sesame tofu
  6. Fried Egg
  7. Pickled ginger, mango & pineapple

If you want more ideas, pop over to the Sushi Encyclopedia or Make My Sushi.

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