Webster's New World German Dictionary Potty Mouth Linguists are having a helluva week. A new language was discovered in a remote village in Australia and Duden Dictionary updated the sophisticated German’s official vocabulary to include Shitstorm.  The latter had me wondering about the correct article for this noun, which it turns out is “der.” For correct usage of this new word auf Deutsch, you need look no further than some of the craptastic headlines from this week:

I could add my own headline to that list, but I will wallow in my sorrow of failure less publicly for now. Suffice it to say, it feels about like getting hit with a shitstorm. In a few days it will all be forgotten. I’ll get a good run in, I’ll book some tickets for not one, but two trips of a lifetime with each of my super rad siblings. All will be fine again.

Another word added by Duden has not received as much press, but deserves equal billing. Vorständin, defined as a female board executive, made it into the dictionary. That’s right, even if the actual existence of one is still far too rare in reality, at least the term is now officially recognized. Let it serve as a subtle reminder to the Arschlochs of the world (e.g. these), no matter how backwards you want to remain, we’re marching on. And that’s the truth. Phhffttppp.

And that’s the truth!

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