60s Era Chrome Lamp

If you’re browsing around Pinterest, it is statistically impossible not to see at least one stellar DIY lamp redo. I’ve often wondered where everyone finds all these diamond in the rough fixtures in need of a brilliant vision and a little spraylack. Countless hours have I spent scouring Flohmarkts and Vintage Shops for a light of my own, only to see the same 80s rejects over and over (lamps, not people, people). Today, it was like a divine force pushed me to turn down the wrong street on the way to school supply shopping (start of grade school is T-3 weeks!). Determined to make the most of the detour, I popped into the quirkiest vintage shop in town, Zeitzeug. It isn’t known for being the most obviously organized, but the owner knows everything about every piece, even if you dig it out from the bottom of a stack of seemingly unrelated items (e.g. this amazing photo album I found with some of the first colour photos taken in Germany).

So, this dust covered 60s era gem sporting a heinous olive green crocheted lace shade quietly peered at me from behind a cluster of Wagenfeld and Christian Dell Bauhaus lamps, ashamed of its pedigree and present state. There was a glimmer there though. I had the mister come in to confirm I wasn’t just feeling overly sentimental or wistful for one of those trés chic gourd lamps. A little negotiation and she was tucked safely into my bag. As you can see, there are some dings I’m not certain I can fix, and I need to decide on what sort of shade befits her. Most likely she’ll move to another room, but we’re still getting to know each other. 

Your turn:  Should I paint her? Any tips for removing the dents? What kind of hat (shade) would you put on her? Share with me in the comments.

One Thought on “I Like Shiny Things. A New Vintage Lamp.

  1. Lamp is roundy, maybe a squarish hat?

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