I don’t want to blow your mind. But, I am a Super Taster. For real. You may have read training your palate is as simple as practicing, and sure you can develop your taste perception to a certain extent. The reality is though, not everyone can be the Superman of Sampling.  Before you go getting jealous, even super heroes have a Kryptonite. Until the FDA’s favourite genetic testing company confirmed it, I never knew for certain why I couldn’t stand to drink out of cans or tolerate broccoli grown in certain places.

Anyhow, this trait is one I’ve passed to girl. And if the reckless science* of 23 and Me isn’t enough to prove it, her recent evaluation of the chocolates found in her Christmas stocking should provide sufficient evidence.

“That is disgusting! That is the worst chocolate I have ever tasted! It tasted like coconut covered in mud and then wrapped in the ‘S’ word. I need to wipe off my tongue. Why would Santa give that to me?”  

I know what you’re thinking, and yes she does have some free time left in her schedule. So, if you’re looking for a product tester or planning revenge on someone and need to get it just right, give us a ring.

* In my imaginary face-off between Margaret Hamburg and Anne Wojcicki, there’s this intense scene where Anne declares the people just want to know the truth so they can make informed decisions about health or simply connect to their roots, and Margaret fires back all Jack Nicholson as Col. Jessep:


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