It’s only Wednesday, and yet some movie I saw three years ago has popped into my head three times this week. Is that an omen? Is it three times lucky? Is someone giving birth? At first it was a positive remembrance, a frivolous daydream of how lovely it would be to have my own little Read More →


  Who feels like we’re long overdue for a run graph? (Picturing my #bestfakefollowersever waving their hands back and forth urgently, nearly clotheslining the person next to them like that obnoxious kid who sat next to me in 3rd grade. Only he did on several occasions knock me in the head and also told everyone Read More →


WARNING: This post is not funny. So, if you started the new year in a fragile state, skip to this instead.¬† Many people consider Germans (especially those over a certain age) notably rude, unforgiving of mistakes, and humourless. I confess, even having befriended a German exchange student in high school I remain friends with to Read More →

I don’t want to blow your mind. But, I am a Super Taster. For real. You may have read training your palate is as simple as practicing, and sure you can develop your taste perception to a certain extent. The reality is though, not everyone can be the Superman of Sampling. ¬†Before you go getting Read More →


On 17 November, 2013 Batman Bananaboat (my baby brother) turned 30 1/2. And he ran his first 15km. In the oldest city in the Netherlands. In butt freezing temperatures. I’m taking 92% of the credit for this stroke of brilliance. Why? Rewind 7 months. I am not perfect at remembering birthdays, but when I do, Read More →


I’ve been asked before why I like running. I could answer with some eloquent spiel about how it allows me to achieve unparalleled mental clarity or renders a tremendous feeling of personal accomplishment, but the real joy is that I can fall off the track and pick right back up without a gaggle of pissed Read More →

In Memory of Vivian Marie

I’ve often felt like summer flows by like a quiet river ending in a raucous waterfall of jubilant activity that Fall carries in with the wind. If you try to brace yourself properly (i.e. plan, prepare and schedule), you miss the moments to reflect and appreciate the scenery. Nonetheless, the notion we were nearing the Read More →

60s Era Chrome Lamp

If you’re browsing around Pinterest, it is statistically impossible not to see at least one stellar DIY lamp redo. I’ve often wondered where everyone finds all these diamond in the rough fixtures in need of a brilliant vision and a little spraylack. Countless hours have I spent scouring¬†Flohmarkts and Vintage Shops for a light of Read More →