Fisch in a Bar

Since moving to Deutschland two years ago I have been working to learn the language so I can productively contribute to my community. My efforts have fallen just short of walking across the street (literally) to the famous Goethe Institute and ponying up the large (but I hear well-worth) sum of Euros (pronounce “Oy Rows”) Read More →


Hey parents, Tagesmutters, and preschool teachers! Are your kids constantly coercing you   graciously allowing you to color with them? Are you bored with marking up ponies and magical heart princesses? Well, have I got a treat for you! Thanks to a tip from the übercool Frankie Magazine, I am about to be the proud owner Read More →

Olivers Wholefoods London

You know you’ve reached a respectable age when you have multiple items stored in that “where were you when [insert historical event] happened” mental file. This week marked another addition to mine, and millions of others, with the death of one of the most storied leaders of modern times. So, where was I when I Read More →

Chat Transcript

One of my siblings swears we will write a book together one day. It would probably be mostly comprised of our gTalk chats, which often occur late at night on account of the time difference. All modesty aside, this format brings out our innate hilarity. While I kind of doubt whether Wogrun (this is the Read More →

Bunny Bags from Mermag Template

I was sitting here trying to come up with a title for this post when my better half (he’s still working on his “blog code name” since he does not want to be referred to as DH) says with complete deadpan delivery “I thought you already had a title. Were you just not hoppy with Read More →

I'm saying something funny.

Blog. The word makes me simultaneously cringe and giggle. In 1999 when that Peterme guy came up with this spectacular addition to our vernacular, there were only a few thousand web logs in existence. Today there are approximately 160 bajillion blogs in the whole webiverse. There are no less than 6 million sites with top Read More →

In Germany the Friday before Easter is called Karfreitag, which basically means Mourning Friday. In Italian and Spanish it is referred to as Holy Friday. So, how did it become a “Good” day in English? I’ve read many theories but still have no real solid explanation to share. Instead, I offer you some musical interludes, Read More →