I mentioned before I’ve been working in high gear on preparations for girl’s 6th birthday party. Well, now we’re hitting the turbo button folks. The invitations have been delivered! It’s on like Donkey Kong! This thing is happening!


Exclamations aside, there were a few hiccups with my plan for the invites. First, none of the inspiration designs I found individually met the full specifications of the chief birthday engineer. I thought about writing to the various designers to ask for custom tweaks, but life happened, and I just decided I couldn’t deal with negotiating with any creatives right then (aside from a übercool decals designer, but I will share that little surprise later). I resolved to throw together a design myself from collated vector files so all the “required” elements would be included – swirls, a seahorse, a beautiful purple mermaid, an anemone, and some coral. We had planned to brilliantly tuck the invites into urchins and murex shells, but the ones I ordered have yet to show. Somehow the sad news our favourite home deco store in the city center is closing actually worked to our advantage. In cleaning out their warehouse, they had bags of shells from last summer on Super Angebote (Sale – 2 Euro). A little bit of hemp twine and some glitter paper from my craft stash, and voila, the invites were reconfigured.

I kept repeating my Tip #3 as I carried the bundle of Einladungen to girl’s Kindergarten. Stack of Invitations - Sea Scrolls The chaos that broke out after the first invitee snuck a peak in her cubby and squealed some kind of secret alert for all the others to emerge and investigate their own spots was confirmation they were a successfully executed project. Now, on to the Sea Bingo (Vier Gewinnt) cards, the banner, the treat bags, the balloon pendants, and mermaid photo prop.    


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