I’ve often felt like summer flows by like a quiet river ending in a raucous waterfall of jubilant activity that Fall carries in with the wind. If you try to brace yourself properly (i.e. plan, prepare and schedule), you miss the moments to reflect and appreciate the scenery. Nonetheless, the notion we were nearing the edge has been inching closer to the front of my mind.

Then, this week happened. The right words to say have eluded me. But it has been all about the circles, the cycles, the seasons. In one of the tiny microcosms of the great universe, there was death, there was birth, and there was new beginning.

3 Thoughts on “Turn, turn, turn. Circles in life.

  1. You have a wonderful gift of words. Keep writing my dear.

    • Are you buttering me up so I won’t write a tell-all post about your secret competition with Imelda Marcos?

      • I freely admit I have an addiction. I have quiet moments of inspiration and clarity in the shoe department of Macy’s and when things get emotionally unbearable for me I go spend an afternoon wandering the aisles at DSW. To give my chaotic world a little order I go to my closets (plural) and reorganize my shoes by color or heel height or perhaps to be really different and a little crazy I will arrange them by style you know ; peep toe, sling back, stiletto, comfy flats, strappy sandal, platform , wedges, kitten heel.
        Ah, yes the glory of having all the shoes I have ever wanted. I have a anthem I speak to myself daily ” a woman can never have too many shoes or too much jewelry”. It has gotten me through some really tough times when everything in my closet came from the Salvation Army store (had some really nice designer labels back then) and the $1 jewelry store. Actually those were some really good times too, when the hunt for a treasure cast off by some other Shoe Worshiper was the highlight of my day. Now I reflect on the shoes of my past and smile and give them a mental salute and am thankful for the joy they brought me.

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