Do you ever get that animal-in-a-cage-about-to-go-wild-and-eat-the-zookeepers-hand feeling? My friends Kanye and Paul, et al (sidenote: have you seen how many people get authorship credit for that song?!) totally connect with that sentiment. Luckily I’ve found a few constructive ways to effectively handle it, namely traveling or learning something new. Sometimes it takes both. And, if you’re lucky, you create this continuous feedback loop where the travel and the learning makes you feel all euphoric and ready to conquer the world and then you go and do it.

That’s where I am, in the middle of what I hope is that loop. Instead of paying mind to the nasty headlines highlighting all the ugliness of humanity jamming up the broadcasts, I’m wowing out about all the f*ing awesome news coming out of my circles. Not only do I have some long-time loves owning life, I’m (re)entering the world of women in tech and the startup scene, and it’s like I’ve walked into a room of kindred spirits and we’re all reciting Phenomenal Woman and drinking good wine and building the coolest shit you’ve always wished for to make life better.

I feel an obligation to spread this inspiration I’ve been so lucky to receive. And not to exclude the gents (the stats say you’re not reading anyway, save for Batman Wonderbread), but I want to share my four tips on:

How to Become a Phenomenal Woman

  1. On a piece of (real) paper, write down all the things holding you back from being phenomenal. Now wad it up, stomp on it, and (following all safety precautions) burn it.
  2. Listen to the doctor (Angelou).
  3. Learn something new and crush it.
  4. Look in the mirror and say to yourself “I am everything that I should be today. I am phenomenal.” Do it again. And again. Again, again, again!

See that? A little attitudinal elbow grease and we’re all ready to shoot rainbows out our…

Rainbow Vision by Russell Alton

One Thought on “How to Become a Phenomenal Woman

  1. Auntie Lolly on 29 May, 2015 at 14:57 said:

    Good stuff!!!

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