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I spent the first half of my life as a middle child in a medium-sized town in the middle of America. My father used to always (really, like at least 10 times a day for a myriad of situations) say “don’t be content with being mediocre.”  In some way I think this is why I’ve spent the second half of my life acting out a quirky Choose Your Own Adventure live action book.

Here’s a CliffsNotes version: Leave medium-sized town for smaller university town in middle America, graduate from uni, sell all my stuff, move to Texas, sell all my stuff, move back to uni town, get married, sell all my stuff, move to California, have a kid, sell all my stuff, move to Europe, have a kid, start a blog.

There is a whole lot of action & accomplishment with a sprinkling of suspense & calamity packed between those events, which is pretty much why I decided to start writing it all down. Because the next time I circle back around to the page where I choose what to do after “sell all my stuff,” I might want to have the notes for which option has the fire-breathing dragon that slays me.


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